James01“Inspiration.  Monet.  Stained Glass.  Vibrant Kaleidoscope of color, shape, pattern.  Unusual, original, re-purposed with new design.  BIG, MURALS, speck detail in India ink. Mixed medium, acrylic, watercolor, mosaic, oil.  Canvas, found items, paper, wood, metal.  Windows.  Anything and everything.  Classic and elegant.  Modern and fresh.  Unlimited.  Just fun creations inspired by my Creator and our environment all around. Passed on to you for the enjoyment of sheer beauty and refreshing life.  Never underestimate the power of art to change a person’s life. I’m inspired by the art that lives in my house by other artists and am hoping to return the favor.

Being largely self-taught, I’m grateful to the many helpful artists whose books I’ve read and brains I’ve picked along the way, I come to art with an easy perspective that is very free style.  Since there’s nothing to prove, if I can visualize it, I try it.  Inevitably this approach brings questions – and questions are essential to the learning process, so with every piece, there’s always something new to learn.  Color and movement in a work inspire me most, so painting has been the centerpiece of my repertoire. That very love of color, movement and pattern has found an expression in re-purposing old windows with broken stained glass in original designs. During the busier years past, the making of art was sporadic, at best, so I’m grateful to the family, friends and strangers who asked for a specific commissioned piece because over time, the skills have been honed in spite of myself!  In this new era of ART TIME, I’m having a great TIME and I hope to make art for you not just as a PASTIME  but for YOU to have a special TIME, EVERY TIME you view your one of a kind piece. That’s what art does for me, and it’s my hope to do the same for YOU.  ENJOY!!!”


Granville, OH

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