Technical Info

In order to help ensure years of enjoyment, please allow us to provide some important information that you (Buyer) agree to upon purchasing windows:

  1. Each stained glass window mosaic is unique, individual, designed and hand crafted by Wendy James.
  2. This work of art is composed of an antique window frame and randomly broken stained glass that may have rough or sharp edges.
    (Note: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON A RE-PURPOSED WINDOW…it can be on your own picture frame, your own piece of glass, etc. In fact, if you are not in Central Ohio, you can ship us the window or glass you want Wendy to use.)
  3. The window should be kept out of the reach of children.
  4. Marine grade adhesive is used in the construction of this art and is permanent.
  5. All pieces are closely reviewed to ensure proper adhesion. However, should a piece become loose after receipt, we recommend using “Amazing Goop” to adhere.
  6. We recommend professional hanging. Hanging and hardware is the responsibility of Buyer.
  7. To clean, use a damp cloth. Windex behind mosaic pieces may act as a solvent and is NOT recommended.
  8. Buyer accepts full & complete responsibility for any liability or injuries incurred at any time upon pickup or shipment.
  9. The window is water and weather-proof, but display in the outdoor elements will result in a reduced life, especially with the frame. If displayed indoors and handled carefully, the window should last indefinitely.
  10. Frame patina varies on vintage window frames due to various stages of weathering, paint, etc.
  11. Orders can only be accepted for the USA and Canada.\
  12. All window designs are (C) 2015 Wendy James; No reproductions or sale of prints allowed without express written permission.
  13. Shipping: See separate shipping section for important information about Customer Pickup and Shipping Costs.

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